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Tuesday, February 12, 2008



I am fairly certain you won't be the only parent to send a kid on Thursday in play clothes. What are they thinking? Or is this one of those "We learn good manners by learning about different situations" things? Four seems a bit early for that, and all day is too long.

In other whines, February. I'm so sick of it.

Sorry about the strep, but at least he should be feeling better as soon as the drugs kick in.


I heard that about the changes in temperatures - here in Chicago, we hit 45 last week (felt perfectly balmy!), and then when we woke up on Sunday, it was -5 with a -35 windchill! I'm so sick of winter - is it spring yet??

Oh, and totally ridiculous about the dress clothes for a 4-year-old party. I can't believe someone thought that was a great idea.


I was thinking for a minute that you are in the snowy north where everyone is getting blasted, then I remembered that you're in Texas. Not chiding you though, we've been having weird cycles of weather here in California too and it's rather sucky. I would like spring to come and stay please.
And also Valentines Day? Sucks the big one. I don't want to have the baby on the 14th, but then I was thinking if I did then I would have a much better thing to celebrate!

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