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Tuesday, February 19, 2008



I would go for the facial and massage. Although I don't think you mentioned massage, but it's my new favorite thing.
As for skin care, hmm there are lots of natural things that could help that are cheaper. Although I don't know your skin situation. I suggest natural stuff, and yet I pay an ungodly amount for facial stuff because of my reeeedickyoulously sensitive skin. Gar.
Yes, go for the pampering, you deserve it.


I read somewhere that the differences between super-expensive and drugstore skin-products aren't great enough to justify the costs. You'll get almost all your results just buying ANY moisturizer and using it regularly, for example.

Having said that, I would do anything other than the mad money option. If you can't decide, can you sit on it and wait until you feel an irresistible need?


if you are hairy and you were thinking of a wax at 200... you should think about getting laser hair removal... about the same price AND permanent. I had my upper lip done and I'm pretty happy.

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