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Thursday, November 08, 2007



Oh, I'll vote. I always try to vote, just for the priniciple of participating in democracy, and of course I vainly think that I'm exactly the type or person who should be participating in democracy. But for me it's a bit different, living in DC, which is a Democratic stronghold. In the presidential election, at least, it doesn't really matter who I vote for, the city's electoral college vote (assuming it even gets cast, which isn't a certainty) is going to go for the Democratic ticket. Ideally, in this situation where I don't "need" to vote Democratic, I'd vote Green... BUT in DC the Green Party is the Statehood Green Party, and I don't think DC should become it's own state. I think we should get real representation in Congress, but I don't think the city could financially support itself as a state. Yet I vote. I feel I ought to.


heh heh, I'm Canadian, I can't vote here. Doesn't mean I don't have opinions though.


Oh, I always vote for the Democrats. Even in the years when I think they're lame, it's always clear to me that the Republicans are much, MUCH worse.

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