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Sunday, November 18, 2007



I love how music imprints a time on you. I purposly will either choose a song or a scent to remind me of an event so that I will be able to recall it easier later on. (Dude how much of a geek am I?) For my wedding it was Ralph Lauren Romance, for this pregnancy it's Feels Like Home *remake* by Chantal K, when I was in Korea (the first time) it was Thank You by *some random Canadian group who's now defunct* and also the 1st Pink album, and the 2nd Korea trip it was the whole Enrique album
oh I could go on and on.


Thanks for the walk down memory lane . . . my songs are different ones, but I know the feeling. I can't hear "If you leave, don't leave now" without thinking of my first job, where the manager had a huge crush on one of the other ice cream scoopers and got a puppy-dog look on his face every time that song came on.

Garage Doors Santa Barbara

Yeah, amazing how you'll almost always find a song that matches a certain phase in your life.

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