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Monday, August 28, 2006



Every Septmeber I get nostaligic for school, even though I have been "out" for 6 years. And to think, I started uni 11 years ago... oh I am so old.
and the diet.
I fully believe in all things in moderation and balanced. example, I will eat chocolate one day and icecream the next... see balance... ha!
I think that there are too many diets, and I think that what worked for our great grandparents *should* work for us. Which was moderation, active lifestyle and as many whole foods as you can.


Autumn fills me with nostalgia for the back-to-school rhythm, too.

The diet thing drives me crazy, too. But I think your ultimate conclusion is the correct one. Honestly, doing the exercise piece is probably one of the most important parts, more important even than eating the right foods. So yay, you!

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