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Wednesday, November 30, 2005



so much strategizing, so little time...

i think the most important thing is to marry someone who is neater than you are, and then not to cave into his bitching about the messy house. seriously, just don't buy into the woman-cleans-the-house guilt. you won't find it that messy, and he either will or won't pick up the slack. either way, who cares.

we should also try to think about what we (as women) want, and how we want to live- without having to constantly judge it against standards of feminism. we are all female, so i believe that making 'it' happen is our own feminism. all that other stuff is just too tiring.

and, um, do i beat everyone cause i got to have three first children and negate that second child decision completely?

it just seems like we can talk about this stuff for forever, but we still, at the end of the day, want what we want.

let's just go get it.


My husband IS neater than I am; he is also much better at the housework and has a method for everything. I am slapdash, at best. He is the SAHD and I work full-time. It works wonderfully for us; but I realize that I lucked out and got the one in a million guy that is happy as a clam staying home with the kids; does the housework; yardwork; fixes things; and is great in bed. ;-) As a feminist, I hit the jackpot and, although I may have more power than he does; there's no way I'm going anywhere!

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