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Saturday, April 15, 2006



I think your conclusion is entirely justified. You can't negotiate a smooth visit without someone who can communicate for you -- and who understands the needs of your family. I hope that next time you can take R. with you and let him enforce some boundaries, so that the family can see how wonderful the Moosh is when he's at his best.


You know, there aren't that many women who would agree to go spend a week or more with their in-laws without their husbands. I haven't even wanted to take Dorian down to Florida to see Vince's dad without him, and we're talking about sunshine white sand anglophone FLORIDA, and I get along really well with my FIL and his wife. You had to travel halfway around the world alone with a toddler, and then stay with a family you don't know all that well and with whom you literally cannot communicate. There is no way that you should feel like it was a failure on your part if it wasn't a dream vacation for everyone involved. I know you found it obnoxious when people called you brave for traveling to Iran, but Iran-shmiran, I think you're brave as hell for spending that much time with your MIL without your husband as a buffer. I've never even gone shopping or out to dinner alone with Vince's mom, for fear I'd say something wrong and wreck the delicate balance of our relationship. Just don't be too hard on yourself, ok? You tried to make everyone happy, while at the same time ensuring that your son stayed healthy, under extremely challenging circumstances.

Whether or not you decide to go back in the next year or two, I just hope the Bush administration doesn't do something stupid that would prevent you and R from going to see his family.


I'm with Summer all the way. I hope at some point, you'll be able to appreciate the success of just spending that week with your in-laws in another country, and giving the Moosh that experience. Your son and husband are blessed to have you making that sort of effort.

Heck, the airplane trip alone would have slain me.

Welcome home.


Lisa, Lisa, are you there?? Where are you, I need to know!! OK I'm not really all freaky and stuff, but you're cool, ya know? And it's fun to read what you have to say.

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