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Wednesday, April 26, 2006



Dude! Firstly that's why you have a blog to vent. Secondly sheesh with all the stress and stuff you have no one can blame you for feeling a little BLAH!. And finally I feel for you. I could give you a million opinions, but I'm sure that none will really do much, how can they, I don't truly know everything, and I would just say to kick R in the shins.... So this is what I think you should do. Go to my website (do you love the shameless self promotion?) and look at the pictures of my neice and then look at your son and see that there is beauty in the world and it's all worth it. Ok that was cheese. Sometimes my writing is funny, other times it's so lame you groan, but it could distract you a bit, and my neice is a pretty little girl...
Ok enough blah blah blabbing...
And the pregnant/not- pregnant. I hate that game. I"ve played it and it was horrible...
and yet I can't wait for it again. sigh.
hey smile! You get to kiss and cuddle and smooshy toddler... I have a slobbery puppy and a neicy that I love who is so far away...


My mother told me that every long lasting marriage goes through very tough times where you actually may hate each other. But if you hang in it does get better again. Children, in-laws, money, and not having time to be together are all big stressers. It's a rollercoaster, somtimes up and sometimes down. Good luck on the ride!


hang in there, lisa! i hope things turn around soon...


Sometimes you need a good whine (and afterall it IS your blog - whining allowed). I'm sorry everything seems to get sucky all at once. It will get better but I'm sorry if it gets worse first. Love the Moosh and snuggle all your troubles away (at least for a little while). (but don't let R be a total ass to you!!!! life is hard enough without your partner making it harder)


It all sounds so difficult. I think you have the right to vent.

Be nice to yourself during these tough times.

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